Dell WD19TB screen flashing with M1 MacΒΆ

New 2022 M1 Macbook external display flickers when plugged into the Dell WD19TB docking station.

Changing settings: refresh rate, mirroring, resolution does not help and the screen keeps flashing black.

Tried upgrading the firmware version 01.00.25, 01.00.09 which was released 04 Jul 2022 (Dell Dock FirmwarePackage_WD19_WD22_HD22_Series_01.00.09.exe)

After the firmware upgrade the display flickering was slightly better but still unusable after the firmware upgrade.

The only way to stop the screen flashing is using the DisplayPort port on the dock. It seems the HDMI port is causing the issue for the M1 Macbook. Everything works fine with DisplayPort cable and no flashing black.


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